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The Story Behind The Singer

Born and raised in Orlando, FL  most of my family still lives in the area or in the surrounding cities of Orlando. 
I spent a lot of my life singing in church in the choir or in the youth group. At age 16, my sister and I had joined a Christian Band where we traveled to various churches and entertained the masses. It was such a great opportunity for me to learn stage presence and work on warding off the nervous jitters one sometimes gets singing in front of a crowd.

Music has always been my passion. When I was a child, I used to carry a tape recorder around the house and sing into it so I could replay it for my parents to listen to me sing. Now as an adult, music has become a part of my life and an extension of who I am, allowing me to express all of life’s burdens and celebration’s through music.
Although music has always been a large part of my life, for many years it fell to the back burner. One day in October 2007 I met a Marine traveling through Tampa. He was here for a few weeks before being deployed to Iraq. He loved music and carried his guitar with him everywhere he traveled. We spent several evenings sitting around and just singing songs. He learned to play the guitar by ear, so he was pretty good at picking up the chords of different songs. Occasionally we'd sing at a few local karaoke bars, just having fun and enjoying the music. He helped me realize how much I missed singing and how it was a great portal for me to funnel all the things I had going on my life at the time. Soon after, my desire to sing on a regular basis was resurrected - all by one person filling me with confidence and telling me what a great voice I had, that I shouldn't waste it.  
In November 2008, I was invited to be part of a class project at The Academy of International Design and Technology. As the students learned all about music recording, using the sound board and adjusting levels, etc., I sang my heart out and cut three demo songs that you will hear on this site. We all learned a lot that day and had tons of fun creating the demo CD.













In February 2009, I was contacted by songwriter Stephen Desjardins to  re-record one of his songs he wrote several years ago.  I headed to Nashville in May and worked with the kind folks of Beaird Music Group to edit and produce the single, "Every Time You Touch Me."  I am forever thankful to Steve for giving me the opportunity to record one of his beautiful ballads.

As of May 2010, I have returned to the studio to record five more demo songs with my friend, Bob Garofallou, of the International Academy of Design and Technology located in Tampa. Bob also owns Blue Note Media and graciously edited and produced my demo CD for me.

An additional passion of mine is the U.S. Military and those who serve or have served our country. Although I have never served in the military, the best way I can give back is to serve as a proud civilian supporting our troops and vets by performing the "Star Spangled Banner" with pride! I have been graciously afforded the opportunity to sing our National Anthem for General David H. Petraeus and Lieutenant General John R. Allen, twice in 2010; the International Coalition Forces based at MacDill AFB on several occasions,   the Joint Special Operations Forces Senior Enlisted Acadamy (JSOFSEA)Grauduation also attended by Admiral Eric T. Olson, and the AmVets of Brandon Post 44, who give so much of their time and efforts supporting the Retired Vets as well as those who have returned from the theater injured and recovering at James Haley VA Hospital in Tampa.

I am striving to meet songwriters who love Country/Southern Rock and Blues to create meaningful, true-to-life songs. My desire is to make a connection with  songwriter(s) and musicians who I can collaborate with to create a few songs of my own. 

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